Laser ophthalmologist Dr. Zanna Artina

Pediatric ophthalmologist Dr. Vineta Aizkalne

Dr. Vineta Aizkalne started to work at the Dr. Lukins’ Eye Clinic in year 2008, working particularly with the “little” patients of clinic.

She studied at the Paula Stradina University of Riga, Faculty of Medicine and mastered an eye doctor – ophthalmologist degree at the University of Latvia.

Dr. Aizkalne has attended the 17th European Society Congress of Ophthalmologists and prof. D. Taylor conference of Pediatric Ophthalmologists, additionally she also has participated in the 3rd Baltic Vitreoretinal conference. 

Dr. Aizkalne has gained her working experience with children at the Eye doctor’s private practice of Adazi, Children’s Clinical University Hospital and at our eye clinic. She will not only accurately examine your child’s eyes but also will ensure that the process is interesting and exciting for your baby.


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