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Laser ophthalmologist Dr. Zanna Artina

Eye doctor Zanna Artina continues the physician dynasty - she is a very experienced specialist in laser ophthalmology.

She studied medicine at the Medical Institute of Riga (Latvian Academy of Medicine) and afterwards she gained specialization as an eye doctor at the Paula Stradina University Hospital, Eye department. To start working in the first Laser Ophthalmology Center of Latvia, in year 1984 Zanna Artina worked as an intern at the Institute of professor Krasnow in Moscow. She expanded her education and practiced at the National Danish University Clinic in Eye department.

Dr. Artina is an author both of many scientific publications and lectures about laser therapy’s usage in eye diseases and studies on diabetes-related changes in the retina.

Currently she is working at the Paula Stradina University Hospital, Ophthalmology Clinic and Dr. Lukins’ Eye Clinic.

Dr. Artina specializes in treatment of various retinal diseases with laser and in prevention of retinal complications.


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