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Preoperative examination

Preoperative examination is a detailed investigation of the eyes to define your suitability for laser eye surgery. 

To provide precise results of the examination people who use contact lenses should wear glasses prior this examination: 

  • If using soft contact lenses – 10-14 days prior the examination;
  •  If using rigid contact lenses – 30 days prior the examination.  

If you will make decision to have laser eye surgery, you will have to wear glasses the same time prior the surgery to get the natural shape of the cornea that is one of the most important conditions to provide the best outcome of the surgery.

Preoperative examination is made in two parts and lasts approximately 1,5 – 2 hours. 

During the pre-operative examination the doctor will perform a series of diagnostic tests and scans. The examination includes these measurements: 

  • the dioptric power of the optical lenses (lensometry);
  •  the diameter of pupils;
  •  curvature of the cornea in 3D (corneal topography);
  •  thickness of the cornea (pachymetry)  

During the consultation: 

  •  we will answer to all your questions;
  • discuss the best options of treatment;
  •  explain the needed documents and ways of payment; 
  • ensure that you have understood all the terms about laser eye surgery.  


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