Ophthalmologist Dr. Lija Karlsone

After the surgery

Following the surgery you will relax in our clinic for approximately 2 hours. Later the doctor will provide postoperative examination and we will arrange the next time for your check-up. 

Leaving our clinic you will need assistance and sunglasses to protect Your eyes. 

Obligatory check-ups are:  

  • 1 week following the surgery;
  • 1 month following the surgery;
  • 6 months following the surgery;
  • 1 year following the surgery.  

Follow up care

At the day of the surgery: 

  • The day of the surgery should be a day of rest; 
  • Always be very careful about activities where the eye may be poked, rubbed or touched; 
  • Always avoid rubbing eyes (rubbing is never a good idea - instead, use lubricant drops for irritation or cool water gently splashed onto your closed eyelids);  
  • Wear sunglasses for one week following the surgery; 
  • Do not drive a car; 
  • Do not work with computer or watch TV; 
  • Do not read.  

3 days after the surgery:

  • Shower is recommended instead of bath (avoid any soap or water in the eyes); 
  • It is allowed to drive in short distances; 
  • Do not work with computer and do not watch TV for a long time; 
  • Do not read; 
  • Do not use alcohol because of the healing process; 
  • Flying in airplanes is acceptable but keep eyes generously lubricated (every 30 minutes).  

1 week after the surgery:  

  • Use medicine that the doctor prescribed to aid the healing process; 
  • Do not stay in smoky rooms; 
  • Do not use any facial cream; 
  • It is allowed to make individual sport (fitness, race); 
  • Cycling is allowed (not mountain cycling).    

2 weeks after the surgery:

  • Do not apply any make-up. 

1 month after the surgery it is forbidden:  

  • Rubbing the eyes; 
  • Swimming; 
  • Going to sauna or baths; 
  • Sun-tanning; 
  • Sunbathing; 

1 month after the surgery it is allowed: 

  • Motorcycling; 
  • Parachuting; 
  • Basketball, football; 
  • Skiing.  

6-8 weeks after the surgery it is allowed:  

  • Tennis and squash; 
  • Wrestling.    

3 months after the surgery (protecting the eyes):

It is allowed water-skiing, wind surfing, kayaking, surfing. 


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