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TRANS EPI-LASIK is a method in which the vision correction is performed without the use of a mechanical blade (microkeratome) or femtosecond laser because there is no need of creating the corneal flap. 

This is a contactless method, where the laser is used to remove the top layer of the cornea (epithelium) very precisely and smoothly. Vision correction is performed right after the removal of epithelium. For a few days therapeutic contact lenses are placed in the eyes to protect them and to speed up the healing process.

The postoperative healing period after a TRANS-EPI LASIK surgery method is longer than, for example, in case of SMART LASIK method; however, there is a less risk potential of an infection or complications associated with the corneal flap. 

The advantages: 

  • It is a contactless method which is more comfortable for a patient;
  • It eliminates the risk of complications associated with the corneal flap during the operation;
  • It is a less invasive method and there is no risk of postoperative or long term complications associated with the corneal flap;
  • There is a less risk for a long term biomechanical instabilities of corneal flap. 

The disadvantages: 

  • Comparing to the SMART LASIK procedure there can be more discomfort after this surgery (1 - 2 days);
  • Comparing to the SMART LASIK method, vision recovery period requires more time. 

When TRANS-EPI LASIK is recommended? 

  • In cases of uncommon parameters of the cornea this method provides higher security level. It is affected by a complexity of the corneal curve, thickness and other characteristics;
  • In cases of increased complication risk level associated with the corneal flap;
  • For patients who are doing sports or participates in such activities where there is an increased level of getting an eye injury.
  • In cases of repeated surgery when patient has already had a vision correction surgery.
  • For patients who are worried about creating a corneal flap. 



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