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Eyesight problems or refraction errors

eye1.jpgWhat causes eyesight problems?
For a man with a perfect sight, light enters the eye through the cornea (front of the eye) where it focuses at a specific point in the retina (the back of the eye). Refractive error means that the rays of light breach in a way that they cannot focus on the retina anymore. 

eye2.jpgMyopia or nearsightedness
A man with myopia clearly sees the objects nearby but distant objects appear hazy and blurred because the rays of light focuses on the front of retina. 


eye3.jpgHyperopia or farsightedness
In case of hyperopia the light creates an imaginary focus behind the retina, so the objects nearby appear blurred but the ones in distance are clearly visible. 


Astigmatism occurs because the cornea has formed as a rugby ball with two types of concavities. The image seems blurry because the rays of light get breached in different ways.

There can be cases when vision is unclear both nearby and in distance. People with myopia or hyperopia often tend to have this optical defect too. 

For people over the age of 45 the lens of an eye ages and begins to lose elasticity and is unable to focus the image on the retina precisely. In case of presbyopia it is difficult to see the objects

nearby and therefore, there is a need to have eyeglasses for reading.

If a person uses glasses only for reading and wants to get rid of them, a very popular treatment solution is the so called monovision or mixed vision.

When using a treatment of monovision, vision gets corrected in a way that the person could see the distant objects with one eye and objects nearby with another. After operation the brain automatically switches from one eye to another and a person itself does not even notice it.


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