Edgars Ruditis, professional motorcycle rider


Kristine Somere

Before the operation I was very scared but when I sow Dr. Lacis after operation and his big and warm smile I felt very safe and I knew everything will be alright. And the operation was very soft and easy and fast. Undescribable experience. Thanx to all the staff and beautiful doctor. :) NOw I can see even without glasses how beautiful he was/ is. :) thanks.


I am very thankfull for the operation, and my stay in your clinic. Have no problems with my eyes, and I recomend the clinic to all my family and friends!
Thank you :-)

Had - 3,50
Surgery date 30.03.2011.

Dalia Sarkiene, Lithuania send e-mail

1  l was not able to see things clearly before surgery. And glassess could not solve my problem.  I was looking for different  other possibilities to improve my eyesight. To be venerable I was afraid to take surgery. I was not sure about possible results. And now I am so happy as the results of surgery is much better than my expectations. I think that a lot of people are afraid of surgery. So I would like to say to that your fear is baseless. Dr. F. Lukin is a very good professional in this field and everybody can trust him. I am very grateful to all team of the clinic as they are doing a good work for everybody who needs their help. I wish them all the best in the future.

Surgery date 30.03.2010.

Mona Bingen, had -4, Norway
I am very satisfied with result of the operation. Clinic is very professional, nice staff and very good doctors. I felt safe.
Surgery date 19.02.2010.
Per Bakke, Norway
After the operation my vision increase from 100% with best correction. Now its 160%. It’s a miracle!
Surgery date 19.02.2010.
Liene, landscape architect

I wore glasses and contact lenses for about 11 years. But ... it was not the best option for me because it was uncomfortable. With glasses I couldn’t do anything so I tried contact lenses, but even they did not give me a sense of freedom and I felt like a prisoner.

I was preparing for this surgery for about 2 years, but I was still afraid on my way there. But the responsive and friendly staff reassured me and gave me good advice. Prior to the surgery I expected pain and some unpleasantness, but there was none. The only thing I felt was slight pressure on the eyeball when the doctor immobilized it.

I got to experience the results of the surgery right away, while still sitting in the operating-room, when the doctor asked me to take a look at the clock on the wall and to tell him what I could see. I could only say „wow” because I saw everything – every number, which prior to the surgery I could not see without my glasses or contact lenses.

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Tor Nordheim
I felt safe all the time. The clinic is very delicate and equipment is new. My vision is now perfect.
Surgery date 19.02.2010.
Aija, editor Watch video

I remember the day after my surgery when I was in Aglona, in a church where I have been many times before. I saw everything as if for the first time.  I sat on a bench and I looked at all of the small details and figures.  Oh, monks and angels – they even had faces and expressions.

I can’t actually describe these feelings, because it’s...  I guess that I can say it’s a miracle, when you open your eyes and you can see. You can’t explain it to people who don’t need glasses, but those who wear glasses will understand.

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Dr. Aivars Tihonovs, plastic surgeon Watch video

I am a plastic surgeon and living without glasses is very important for me, because the first thing that happens when I put my mask on is that my glasses fog up.  This blocks my view, and is very bothersome.

I was probably one of Dr. Lukin’s first patients that underwent eye surgery and there was not a lot of information about the results of the surgery at that time. After the surgery I was very impressed.

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Monta, translator Watch video

The feeling after surgery is just amazing. My friend drove me home and I think I saw the full length of the street for the first time in my life. All of the details – each tree, each leaf – nothing was in the background anymore.  This added a completely new dimension to my life.

Suddenly, in place of patterned wallpaper there were wall paintings.  The park doesn’t look like a watercolor anymore, with one tree in the foreground and the rest in the background.  Now there are a lot of trees. It’s impossible to describe. The quality of life – I can’t compare it with the past.

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